Monday Morning Sidewalk Sing Along

| August 7, 2017

Fly fishing music and more this Monday Morning


Good Monday morning to you! Weather plays a role in today’s outlook for sure. I find it incredible that here in Denton (located north of Dallas – Fort Worth) that we escaped last night with a couple of sprinkles while major wind and storms crossed by just a few miles south of here. Lightning strikes were documented with video on Lake Granbury, and I am sure there will be more weather video forthcoming.

If you watched last Friday’s Texas Fly Fishing Report, then you know what you need to know if you are fly fishing Texas lakes – it is a difficult proposition to begin with, and if you’re lucky, you have a predictable target audience of fish, and if you’re really lucky (as in my narrow focus on carp) then you get some time with great action every year. However, this year has been a little strange on the hyper-local level, and I go over what (I believe) is making it a strange year in that fly fishing video.

I have been stalled for a bit by the weather that boxes in my time to try and get to new lakes and report on their characteristics. That and a chink in the armor of my trolling motor have shifted this (supposed to be weekly) adventure into neutral for the time being.


Being stuck in fly fishing neutral as many of us are now, what are we to do? Besides watching the brain-drain news droning on, there are YouTube videos of course, and music – tons of music. Here are a few, but if you click on the image YOU WILL be transported to Amazon to purchase – which benefits us both by the way!

Other than music, the search continues for a more sustainable existence as usual. I talked to Chano the other day, and he and a lot to say about his life and times … Such is the life …

Thanks for reading. Have a great week. Feel free to step up and participate in any way you see as convenient — we’ve all loved the images sent in for the InstaFishFoto on Instagram this summer, and keep sending those in throughout the year! Who knows? Maybe it’s time for a Fish Foto Contest!

Pay special heed to the first and last on this little list!

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