Start Your Fly Fishing Week Right Here as Usual

| August 13, 2012

I know it is “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” but I had to take a classic and bend your senses a but as you arrive online this fine Monday, wherever you are. You could be in a cubicle, in your home office, in your corner office, in Austin, in Dallas, in Houston, in Brownsville, on your boat or on your dock. Have another shot of coffee from the counter, the break-room or the barista, and loosen up.

The thing is, I am here this fine Monday, the beginning of a fantastic week in the life, to ask a couple of things of you:
1) I am asking you to take a moment and tell me if you fly fished anywhere in Texas this past week or weekend.
2) I also want to ask you what you want to hear about through Texas Fly Caster – you may, or may not know the topics, but they are a) Texas fly fishing, b) Culture on the Skids, c) music, d) beer and dining, and e) anything that you think would interest you and readers of Texas Fly Caster. YES, I KNOW this is a pandora’s box being opened, but it is Monday.

Now, I know you are lurking, waiting, and wanting to brag about your exploits. Here’s your chance. Consider this post a blank, a tabula rasa. It has no value, except to serve as a wakeup call on Monday morning, actually every Monday morning for the foreseeable future.

As far as world is concerned, if your tree (fly fishing excursion) falls in the forest, and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The range of Texas Fly Caster tends to expand and contract over a year’s time, and with the late summer doldrums upon us, it’s time to look a little further over the horizon. There will be a post on a place that offers fantastic fly fishing – Northern Arkansas – later today, and we will hear from local Joel Hays about his trip to Southwestern Colorado (dry and low) sometime soon.

I also finally got off the economic books, finishing “Confidence Men,” by Ron Suskind, and am now moving the bookmark in Jim Harrison’s “The English Major.” Perhaps there are books you’ve read lately that are more on topic? Harrison’s book is certainly an interesting read.

I don’t know about you, but these gas prices have me down, and that coincides with plenty of work going on around the homestead, namely relocating the fly tying area (and all fly related gear) to a new in-home location that I painted and mostly emptied into the new 1200 square foot location (metal and woodworking) in a heavy game of musical chairs. The game’s just about over, and the music is about to stop on that project.

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