Saving THE FLY BAR for Another Day – Fly Shop Remains Closed

| October 11, 2013

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Fly Fishing in TexasTHE FLY BAR
After much deliberation, I am going to save the “The Fly Bar” website for another day. It seems there really is already a big dose of fly tying videos out there, and even though the success of the Coyote Carp Fly on Youtube has opened a lot of doors, I am already stretched too thin. If anyone wants to come out to The Fly Bar and record a fly tying video, I will give my technical “expertise” the old college try for you. It’s just too hard to figure out how to make it pay, like even a spool of thread worth, to do something everyone else is still content to give away.

I am always interested in new fly tying methods and materials, so if you have anything you’ve seen, feel free to contribute to our knowledge here (for free of course).

Thanks for your interest in this idea though!


The FLY SHOP is another faction of the Texas Fly Caster site that doesn’t carry its financial weight at this time either. So, it will remain closed until we have a new economy, or some other factor frees up the fly fishers purses for more than a single click. Products that were available, like the book “Fly Fishing the Texas Hill Country” are still available though. Just hit the contact page, and I will deal with your needs outside the “store.”


Texas Fly Caster is still selling ad spots all across the site, and if you are a vendor, I challenge you to do better at hitting your Texas fly fishing target than what you find here. You won’t. Of course you will also find products I like, use and / or recommend. Those lead you directly to different stores that include If you are like me, the UPS guy is pretty used to dropping Amazon packages off at your place too.


Texas – OU weekend. That means do not go near Dallas unless you have a vested interest. I was doing a photo shoot this morning at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas, and apparently there are some “photo sensitive” types staying there who lost it when we were shooting outside the hotel. Of course security was driving the golf cart and they knew exactly what was going on, but it was fun to hear the security walkie-talkies go off from my perspective. I can’t say for sure who’s staying there, but if I changed the name of the Four Seasons to “Hotel California” would you get a hint? Yeah, there may be a few of those politically incorrect Redskins running around there too this weekend.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and I am thinking of challenging conventional wisdom and heading out to the lake just to see if anything will bite in a driving rain. What the heck!

I’ll be all over the East Texas map next week. A photo shoot at the Federal Reserve Bank in Houston, then back to where the real money is – working a show for Cimarrona in Edom, Texas, on Friday and Saturday. Maybe I can squeeze in the finish to the Brae’s Bayou story in Houston. I have a private pond invite for that Saturday, and there is a rumor we are staying on a lakefront hotel in Edom. Somewhere in there, between now and then … a fish must pop up, attached to my fly of course. I can only hope.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR SOME evening bass action, feel free to contact me. I was onto them a couple of days ago in a place you may be familiar with. Maybe not.

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