One Tin Dime Scores Deal on Guided Carp Outing in September

| September 14, 2016

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NOTE: This post will run once a week for the rest of September. If we can heat Texas back up again, before October, then we could well have guide trips into October this year. Yes, it is that good.


Is it worth one tin-dime, ten cents, that’s .10-uscents to save yourself all kinds of money on a guided trip? In order to take advantage of this fly fishing offer, it’s going to cost you big up-front. I would hate to think Texas Fly Caster readers would step over dollars to pick up dimes! Click on the “Pay-Per-View” button for radical new pricing


Thanks, wait what’s that? The phone is already ringing! The boat is gassed and waiting, so fall off that white picket fence you’ve been riding, and fall in to the last gasp of the best carp season in many, many years.

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