Holy Carp! It’s a Houston Fly Fishing Tournament for The Rest of US!

| September 17, 2016

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DATE: September 24, 2016 Sunrise to 5-pm weigh in
BASE – WEIGH IN: Bayou City Angler Fly Shop
WEBSITE: www.houstonfly.fishing


Total inches of as many of these 3 species as you can.

  • Common carp
  • Grass carp
  • Smallmouth Buffalo

First, second and third will receive prizes, registration fee includes tournament shirt.

Side pot for longest Gar of any of the gar species ($5 entry) at the captains meeting. Winner takes the pot.


You will receive something that must be in the photos the night before the tournament and the day of. You must use a legal measuring device and pictures must clearly show the fish and measurement. Judges will determine all photos and official measurements.


Anywhere in Texas so long as you’re back to the weigh in by 5pm on the tournament day. Exact locations will not be given out it’s up to the team to find the fish.


Anywhere not permitted for fishing. No private water, No trespassing, No snagging, no chumming, no bait (including the coffee bean fly), no flossing, no cheating it’s fly fishing and supposed to be fun!!

Any violation will result in disqualification determined by the judges no if and or buts about it. We hope to see you there, all persons fishing the tournament must be in possession of a valid Texas fishing license, and adhere to  all laws in the state of Texas.

-T-shirts and other swag will be available for pickup at Bayou City Angler during the captains meeting the night before tournament.-

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