One Degree Separation Two Meters Apart on the Sidewalk

| March 23, 2020

Good Monday Morning to you all walking two meters apart along the sidewalk this foggy morning. 

How many degrees of separation do we really have from the COVID-19 Corona Virus this morning? It turns out not as many as we think, or blissfully wish. 

The old folks around here still call the Denton State School the Denton State School, and it is a place people I know have worked, and some are still working as they are fingertips away from that brass ring of retirement. Well, it turns to that the Denton State School is a growing hotspot for Denton County COVID-19.

Dallas County is on “lockdown” (shelter in place) as I write this, and something’s going to happen today – either Nationally or locally to lock the rest of us down where we are right now. I do have contact with the lunatic fringe, we can talk about degrees of separation there too, and they are saying this is a move toward National Martial Law before all the child molesters in the world are gathered up in a worldwide crime sweep. And they’re including the Clintons, Bush, Obama and Royal families in the arrest warrants. Is this entertaining now, or what? I know a person who believes this – zero degrees of separation. How about you? Do you think there are 10-thousand sex slave children in a city under the Getty Museum? Yeah, just asking …

I am one of those who looks to relieve others during times so strange and precarious as these, so please go to my YouTube Channel and subscribe. Why? Well, that is about the only way I know how to provide some kind of relief right now. I will be doing a number of videos this week, assuming things get clamped down, and many of those will be necessarily indoors and related to fly tying. 


Yes, I have said it before, long ago, I hate fly tying videos. That does not change the fact that fly tying folks LOVE fly tying videos. I am here to hook fly fishing enthusiasts any way I possibly can, so if that means doing and redoing fly tying videos? then so be it. If you have seen any “cool” fly tying videos, please text me a link to them at 940-380-0408. There has to be better ways of recording – presenting this tired old format.


The above is a video for those of you who have youngsters at home, looking for something creative to do with your extended time together. It is immediately tempting to say, “young girls,” would like this video (totally old school sexist), but I’ll be honest; I had full-size GI-Joes (OK, still do) and dabbled momentarily with a Ken Doll, before quickly getting back to blowing things up with leftover firecrackers … I think I finally blew Ken up … so what I am saying is – girls and boys can LEARN from sewing projects if you really think about it. For ages ~10 and UP.


  • Patience
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Assembly
  • Follow Instructions
  • Knots

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  1. Aaron says:

    Outstanding post. Thanks for the laugh!

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