Monday Morning – In a Brand New World

| March 16, 2020

Got Corona? Well, I am here for those of you on the front end of the curve, still broadcasting from my little slice of North Texas landlocked, rain soaked, shut down, stock market crashed, (could care less), art loving, conventional spinning, fly fishing, domino playing, beer drinking, book reading, dog walking, TV disaster watching … Real Life During Wartime.

Last week was an eye-opening affair, as I was on South Padre Island most of the week, with a bunch of fishing ADDICTS. Notice I said, “fishing,” and not “Fly” fishing addicts. It was a world-rocker, and a great look inside the conventional fishing industry – courtesy DOA Lures of Florida. 

All this “conventional” fishing talk leads to my recall of what a wiser older Dave Stewart of North Carolina said about mixing fly fishing with conventional fishing. He called it, “like a tribe” when I mentioned the separation and hostilities toward the (Now Named) “Conventional Tribe” from the “Fly Tribe.” Tribe is a word that fits, and “tribalism” is another word that fits, but one that I refuse to entertain here any longer. I am welcoming, somehow some way, the Conventional Tribe to join with the Fly Tribe, and I am encouraging the Fly Tribe to come along with me as you did when I started this fly journey twelve years ago. If I am very lucky, I have about fifteen years to get myself aligned with the Conventional Tribe Nation. But as Clint Eastwood once said, “A man’s gotta’ know his limitations,” and my limitation in the Conventional Tribe is sticking to my childhood fishing origins – the spinning rod-reel. I can think of no more practical conventional fishing method than to use spinning gear – based on the weaknesses of those baitcaster setups, that are prone to backlash and extreme expense. We’re going to stay off the slippery slopes, and stick with what works. 

As Dave said to me, in his buttery sweet Carolina accent, “Hey, it’s all just fishing man.”

Dave Stewart – Minnesott Beach, NC

To divide and conquer, or to join Tribal Nations and herd you cats? That is the question. Maybe you the readers will help determine the next steps for the two Tribes? I would like to hear from you before spring really gets blowing-and-going, and Corona Virus is an ancient blip on the memory screens. Do I need to launch a separate interweb site for the Spin Nation? Or, can we all just Rodney King?

Coming This Week – Why You Need to Consider Carrying Spinning Gear to the Texas Gulf Coast.

As readers may have accidentally gleaned, I am deeply involved with a new Art Gallery business venture here in Downtown Denton, Texas. It has sucked away so many hours that the Fly Shop has gone dormant and spidery with webs getting out of hand. As we are all homebound until further notice, and it’s a helluva time to do a gallery startup by the way, I am cleaning, procuring new furniture and rearranging the Fly Shop for shoots and guests to tie flies. In the long haul, I hope to evolve the art of fly tying to the Art Gallery downtown, and host tying events there — IF I CAN get a FOLLOWING interested in that event schedule. Needless to say, the venue is absolutely awesome and perfect for fly tying events. If you want to visit the Oak Street Gallery – formerly A Creative Art Studio & Gallery – you can contact me by text 940-380-0408, and I will meet you there, and open the doors! We are open with an abbreviated schedule at Oak Street Gallery, and the address is 227 W. Oak Street – Denton, Texas.

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