Friday Fly Fishing Report

| March 26, 2020

Texas Fly Fishing – LET THE SPRING BEGIN!

Hey Folks! Here is the first Texas Fly Fishing Report in the spring of 2020. There’s not much to say just yet, so I sent everyone home. There is, however, the scroll at the end, and it’s worth the price of admission.

I did see the first carp of the season on Ray Roberts Wednesday, and plenty of gar as well. They were way WAY up in the grass, and totally out of reach, but they were making all kinds of noise.

If we can ever get the Ray Roberts Dam opened, and the drawdown going, the timing is fabulous — as long as we get a lot less rain going forward. This particular setup looks a lot like the last couple of years, and that spells complicated.

The flows spell trouble for chasing sand bass as well. Ray Roberts to Lewisville is already screwed by the USACE and their log jam. And other places like the Brazos are releasing where and when they can. If all goes well, I will get a look at the Brazos tomorrow.

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  1. Immanuel says:

    Looking forward to the cyber fly tying sessions. What’s up first? Can we order recipe ingredient kits directly from TFC? Will you be live streaming tying sessions? Fly arsenal to be replenished…

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