Now That I’m Gone

| March 15, 2023

Where Will I Go?

Oysters. Some have pearls, and some just cut you like a razor, don’t they? Of course if you had oysters outside your door? You would know that already, or have the scars to remind you. Keep in mind, I don’t wade around here, cracking open any oysters hoping for any pearls … these just cut.


Yes, there are about six glorious weeks that will pass too quickly, after a dreadful winter of wind and work on the greatest little Island in the Gulf of Mexico. If you ever wanted to locate a human fly fishing “guide” to point you in the right direction – food, lodging, guides and easy DIY days? here I am just a bit longer.

Where to begin with this new, and probably last-in-a-lifetime opportunity? It’s a lot like being plopped down in the most exotic Texas fly fishing habitat that exists, and someone saying, “Okay. Here you go! Have at it!” You know my thinking hasn’t changed; show and share the love, wins and losses, and respect the needs that locals have for show-and-tell. I will tell you this; I have had my eyes wide open the entire time I have been here, sacrificing my time to rolling that rock up the sand dune. All you have to do is be observant, and the answers are all around you and me.


We have a limited time to show and tell what we can from my perspective, and still be thorough and accurate with the information I provide for your consumption. Of course, I will have to gradually get back into the swing of the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel, audio podcasting (do not ignore that one) and balance it all on the tip of a fly rod. How difficult can that be?

It’s tempting to rattle off a number of spots I have been thinking about all these months, just a drive, a launch or an hour’s drive away (for those of you who count from your front doors). But, I am going to work on that list a little bit first. The reason being – I want to be thorough about each opportunity, and its degree of difficulty. That means developing some ranking processes and categories. Of course, as usual I have no help whatsoever in making the videos, but some help in the adventures – credit is always given where credit is due!


I am getting off Spring Break Island today, and heading over to Port Mansfield to work on a friend’s skiff that is stored there. If you haven’t noticed before? I love Port Mansfield, but it really is that place at “the end of the road.” It’s growing though, so I will have a look … heck maybe that’s the place for a new fly shop! I’ll say it again; Port Mansfield, Texas, is always on!

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