Monday Mornings Can’t Get Any Better Can They?

| February 20, 2017

Throwback Thursday – Fly Fishing Art – Get Muck on your Fly

WELCOME! I’ve made a few trips into the big ugly City lately, and I can honestly say the roads are getting a bit better. Nevertheless, I hope you are here today, safely and without adrenalin coursing through your system – from some unexpected encounter on the byways of North Texas. The roads here can still jump up and bite you hard if you don’t, “Keep your eyes on the road, and your hands upon the whee-el,” as Jim Morrison said.

There was a segment in yesterday’s Sunday Morning about a young girl scout who decided to use honesty when selling her load of Girl Scout Cookies. The piece on morality punched all the buttons, she honestly graded all the cookies – “truth in advertising” and the piece wrapped with, “Honesty can, and will prevail.” (Her box sales count is at more than 23-thousand now) Funny thing is, this site was founded on the same principle; fish, or no fish, tell the truth. And when fantasy steps in? Have it step in with both feet – fictional characters doing fictional things.


I’ll be honest with you, I sometimes fail to see the attraction of fly fisher to muck through the mud and briars of Texas creeks … in pursuit of billions of sand bass that are only attempting to satisfy their procreative instincts. They eat like stoners with the munchies, and fight like banshees, and then in the last bit of irony; they’re released by most fly fishers to continue what? Their carnal pursuits? To be caught again and eaten by those fishermen who have the good taste to eat these tiny tacos that taste good? If you’re doing all this work to catch a sand bass? Eat it for God’s sake! – is all I can think to say.

I guess this all came to my awareness when I was trudging through some thick, ankle grabbing briars on Saturday in primitive parts north of Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. Seeing where “civilization” had intruded on the creek’s obvious attraction, with trash, tracks, tires and trails that lead all around this area; I couldn’t help but wonder if I could get a backcast out of some bend in the creek. Wading was beyond the question. These creeks, which sat dry for years of drought, are filled to the brim with chocolate water – both runoff and backwash from Ray Roberts, a lake full of water.

I cast my best sand bass fly on a bend, but instantly knew the party hadn’t started here yet. Those tell-tale bumps and brushes and little munches from juvenile sand bass were nowhere to be found. And the insider info on huge (to three pound) crappie? They are not there either. Will this next round of weather this week inspire them? Will the authorities open Ray Roberts Dam again, so soon?

From where I live, it’s a drive to anywhere, the muck the lake, or wherever … and that leaves more time to think Jack Handy (deep) thoughts on the drive. I am still wondering, and determined to “write out” my curiosities on why this fascination with the muck exists, and just as importantly what I am missing in this ooze.

Stay tuned, and subscribe soon. Because that’s the only way you will know exactly when and where to sink your “muckety-muck” boots and waders knee deep in the Texas tradition of the spring runs in North Texas. Me? The clean white deck of the skiff is calling my bare toes to the edge – with a long clear backcast, and a taco to catch.


It’s interesting to see, accurately, just who is reading and who visits for this Monday thing, and never comes back (thanks to new technology). No, I don’t know WHO YOU ARE, but I see the numbers trail off the rest of the week – after this Monday thing. I would like to invite you back for the launch of a “new day” to visit Texas Fly Caster, and that’s going to be “Throwback Thursday” starting this Thursday. Throwback Thursday is a day when I throw back a story from the past – it may be paid content for free, and it may be some long forgotten DIY trip to parts unknown. I do these regular postings in the hope that you will enjoy the past along with the future adventures to parts still unknown – AND FIND YOUR OWN GOOD REASONS for visiting Texas Fly Caster all during the week!

We also shifted our Art Tuesday back to its original spot – Fly Art Friday. That seems to be a natural spot, and it gives me some time to put fresh eyes on fresh artists and get fresh information on what makes these artists tick. This week will be the most difficult of the year to fill these columns because I have a few photo shoots to punch holes in the timecard. Work is a good, if extremely rare thing to have these days.

I also hope you have plenty on your plates this week! Time is quickly flying by, and the days are noticeably longer, adding much to our good attitudes. All many of us have to do is survive what we do, to do what we want when we can.

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