Monday Morning Before Valentine’s Day

| February 13, 2017

Valentine Day Sale on fishing guide services

The Monday before VDay, and the pressure’s on! Isn’t it funny how guys feel pressure to perform, while women seem to feel everything but pressure to go out and get cards, gifts etc…

Here’s a deal! How about a guided fly trip at a Valentine Day special price? Makes sense to me. Feel free to hit the PayPal button on the right and lock in a $100 savings for a spring carp adventure on skiff this Spring 2017. Just book it for $100, and I will take that much off the final price! We will clear that amount off the typical booking fee. Since it is a Valentine’s Day gift, it expires midnight February 14, so no hurry … but hurry. Heck, just give yourself a Valentine if you’re flying solo!

The Monday Morning Sidewalk for February 13 delivers us another week of Yo-Yo weather that could be good if it weren’t for the insane winds that are filling in the good days with bad conditions. The next two days do seem more like February though – finally a bit of rain for the parched landscape. And these overcast days? They are the best thing for the trout bite on the Blue River (now quickly approaching its last gasp), and the Lower Mountain Fork in Oklahoma. My best days at both have always been on the worst weather days.

In the week ahead, I am thinking of rearranging the Tuesday Art Day back to it’s original day – Fish Art Friday (which I had forgotten all about), but who knows? I do know that I want to dig a bit deeper (the journalist in me) into the scene, and need to research the artists I want to feature a bit more. SO we may not do a Tuesday Art this week to give me the time to do the stories justice. And we may just make it a bi-monthly bit.

Thanks for stopping by this Monday morning! Have a fantastic week, and be careful out there on the North Texas roads. They’re getting better, but still so dangerous. Keep me posted on your fly fishing adventures! I hear I can expect a report from Dangerfield – a nearby chain pickerel haven – sometime soon. And this weather is a great bonus for catching those fish as well.

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