Monday Morning Sidewalk Waiting on Weather

| April 10, 2017

A look forward to the week ahead and back at the week that was

Good Monday morning folks! Last week was one to remember, as a single unexpected good weather day also coincided with having a fly fishing drone photographer on board as we stalked and caught carp on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. Epic.

It (the drone footage) was actually such a wonderful distraction last week … that I forgot to run the followup to the story on retail fly shops! I ran that story, on the resurrection of Backwoods Fort Worth, Texas, here yesterday (just below this post. Scroll down baby, scroll …

Today here in North Texas, we’re faced with a severe weather outbreak that is supposed to kick in this afternoon, and may run through the evening and into tomorrow. So far, my block had dodged the bullets. Gardens, roofs and cars are still in tact. How long that will last, God only knows.

I started getting wind of problems with the Pay-Per-View registration about ten days ago, and found a closed gate at where a fly fisher who would want to register would be blocked out no matter what. I opened the gate, and within a few minutes Russian hackers came rushing in. I’ll be looking for the solution again today. Ahhhhh, the labors of love!

For now, MONDAY is THE DAY TO REGISTER here at Texas Fly Caster. The gate is open now. Even if you don’t do your membership upgrade (for some strange reason), make sure you get registered today – and SUBSCRIBE whenever the desire to be an insider to a wealth of information hits you! There have already been two SUBSCRIBER ONLY FISH FLASHES in the last ten days. I am still looking for stories, and that can be your ticket to a free subscription if the story is accepted. IF YOU DO REGISTER – Use a real name and a real e mail address (the Russians have already arrived 10:41am cst).



I am about to bring back a free day for female fly fishers who want to try their skills against carp on the skiff. I just have to figure out when that might be. If given a choice, I am sure they, just like everyone else, would choose my most popular booking day of the week. We KNOW, common sense says that won’t fly, right?!?


There may be some breaking news later this week – pertaining to a new story (of mine) coming out in a national fly magazine, but now that I mention it, I probably jinxed it! I was not too surprised to see someone has picked up on my niche of reporting on fish artists, and there’s a page 1 story on a fish artist in the current Lone Star Outdoor News. How that will effect the story I turned in, on Mike Quinn (Fish With Attitude), is completely unpredictable. Having a niche-edge was fun while it lasted though!


Yes, we have fish just about everywhere now. I am hearing good things from south of Fort Worth, and plan on sampling that action next week – after the weather settles a bit. If you still don’t get what we’re doing here? Watch this –

This week sends me halfway across Texas for a photo shoot in Yoakum of all places. I’ve never stopped in Shiner, Texas, but this may be the trip that allows for a short stop at that little oasis. Looking for some real time  to sample water down there as well …

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