Monday Morning Sidewalk – New Enlightening Strikes

| August 20, 2018

Here We Go Again

Good Monday Morning to my fellow readers! I don’t know about you, but this heat took a great toll on me through poling the skiff Friday and Saturday – chasing carp all over Lake Ray Roberts. That plus a tumble at the boat ramp, has me in the sorest day this Monday. Pass the aspirin please …

It was worth it though. Not only did we secure a solid third place overall – in a skilled field with challenging conditions – I also gleaned some new information for stories still to come. I learned some things from other competitors at the tournament finale – met some great young carp anglers and know things I didn’t know before! Isn’t that fun – learning new things and ways of doing them?

Actually, I learned things that could be so profound as to border on enlightening – time and testing of these new carp fly fishing methods will truly tell. And you know me; I don’t show and not tell. Some of you like that and some …


So this new burst of enlightenment comes from an Oklahoma angler who came from nowhere Saturday to win the Texas Tour by fly fishing for carp on Lake Texoma, Texas. When I say nowhere, I mean he scored 380-inches* of carp in one day, which pushed down the number one and meant my angler would have been pushed out of “show” unless we had scored the 40-inches of fish that we managed.

That Oklahoma guide’s name is Donavan Clary and he was very forthcoming in how he pulled off a come from nowhere victory on Texoma. He also told me about other Oklahoma fly fishing opportunities that I had not heard about, or that have been off the radar for awhile. It’ll take me a year just to chase down all the stories he spun off Saturday. [email protected] 


Slim Pickins Outfitter from Stephenville, Texas, was truly a find as far as the young personalities that showed up on that business’ behalf. They were also active sponsors of the Cowtown Carp Classic. You can bet I will make the trek (DANG WISH THEY WERE IN DENTON!) to Stephenville this fall! They’re out there on the edge, but isn’t that a great place to be? I did not see a spot to readily contact these guys, so maybe they will get my message HERE and contact me!


We will just have to see what this week brings! The conversations with everyone at the closing ceremonies of the CCC were so refreshing that my batteries, despite this blast furnace, are recharged. So hold on to the handle, we’re going for another ride!

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