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| February 2, 2015

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Good morning everyone. I hope you didn’t hit any patches of ice on the way to work today – either on the sidewalk or on the road.

We’re still in kind of a neutral state at TFC Headquarters. As you may have read yesterday’s Mind-Body-Soul and realized we have another fine dog on the way out of this world. She’s still hanging on, alert and without pain, so we still want things to go the natural way if possible. Some may find all the hullabaloo about our four-legged companions strange folly, but to each their own. Heck, I’ve been known to fish with guys who hate dogs and children … talk about hard-up.


Like I said, it’s darn cold here in North Texas this morning – starting at 22° and working the way up to the 40’s as the day winds on. Too cold to waste much time in a lake setting trying to play a stick-waving shaman to deeply embedded fish. If rivers – like the Blue and like Lower Mountain Fork or the Guadalupe – are your thing, then this is a good time to pull the trigger on that trip. The only drawback is the bluebird skies that keep appearing almost without warning.

I’m getting mixed messages from the salt. I have heard first-hand that the bait stands are full of bait (before this last series of cold fronts) which means there’s bait to be had by fish to be caught. I also hear there are more than a few anglers scratching their heads, wondering if the “dead” of winter will ever get there. AND the other message comes from, as usual, Louisiana, where it seems like half of Texas migrates to when conditions are just too brutal around here.


Although I constantly promote other guides (with no thanks and no tips), I think those seeking information may as well get used to the fact that these guides have placed a lot of faith and a lot of effort into sharing information through Facebook instead of their own websites. So here’s my first ever Facebook guide to Texas Guides listed:

I know there are a whole lot more, but I am just not “Facebook Friendly” with them all. If you want to be added to the list, let me know!


I will be working on a few video tips this week, a “Water Wednesday” video report, as well as the scheduled “Texas Fly Fishing Report©” out on the same day as usual – this Thursday. Don’t worry, it won’t be a live event like last week’s Report. YouTube and the way it talks to Google+ can be a pretty rough cob. It’s hard to believe the same company owns both. I get the feeling they really don’t get along behind the scenes. Please do me a huge favor and subscribe to the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel. The videos are free, and you will find a variety of things there – Airstream repair information, photography information and tips on all the things we talk about here.


This week rolls out another month, and that means fly fishing club meetings in Texas. If you have hesitated to join your nearby fly fishing club, I only have one question you MUST ANSWER: Why?

  • Dallas Fly Fishers – Monday
  • Fort Worth Fly Fishers – Tuesday
  • Red River Fly Fishers – Tuesday
  • Texas Fly Fishers of Houston – Wednesday with Charlie Craven
  • Ed Rizzolo Event – Saturday Houston, Texas

More details to come on the Ed Rizzolo event. If your club is not listed here, please let me know, and I will add it to my electronic calendar – never to forget.

Thanks once again for reading, and be sure to check back often. I hope things get to a new normal this week. If you are really curious, feel free to visit the Airstream Diary to see the work going on there anytime. Have a fantastic week!

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