| March 18, 2019

Sand Bass bellies are growling, and other instincts are warming up as well – this the last Monday Morning Sidewalk of winter 18-19!

I teased forward last week to this Wednesday’s first installment of Tournament Wednesday, where we try (with very, very little help) to go around the horn and cover all the fly fishing tournaments we can find – anywhere we can find them. There are more than I have ever seen before – RIGHT HERE IN TEXAS. It will be a regular Wednesday installment, featuring tours, results and (with very, very little help) interviews of the organizers. It seems the generational ideas of “promotion” have evolved beyond anything I can recognize; no real timely outreach for promoting these events exists anymore. Trees fall in the forest … and no one’s there to hear them.


There are numerous distractions in advance of this errand coming at the end of the month, and one of those distractions is our sand bass running FINALLY here in North Texas. If you have tuned in here in the past, then you know what my primary spot is for gnarly sand bass and hybrid action. If you want HOT SPOT notifications, be sure to e mail me with your phone number and I will put you in my HOT SPOT text list. As soon as I get THEM, you GET a text. I will say I caught ONE scout on Saturday, and was getting revved up to see if we had new arrivals on Sunday when, family passed by so close to home that I rerouted my orbit – and didn’t get back out to the HOT SPOT. I am going to try and get there this evening though.


Dozens of flies have been tied, and I am interested to see what happens to the half-dozen I tied using these things called “Dragon Tails.” They have great characteristics, BUT they seem like they could also be extremely ABSORBENT – not a good thing! It’s tempting to keep tying them without testing them first – MISTAKE!

I also got a nice size batch of coyote and fox from a friend in Jackson, Wyoming. By the way, his photograph of his sidewalk in Jackson showed elbow high snow on either side. If you have been considering Wyoming fly fishing, they’ll have runoff, and they’ll have a great season that goes with it.


As the season ramps up – for local and for saltwater fly fishing – I am putting some new fly lines to the test, and sifting through leader formulas for Florida. Not only have the leader formulas changed, the knots are changing too (after years of tying the same old knots). I figure CHANGE IS still GOOD, and GOOD CHANGE is even better. 

Thanks for tuning in this morning! Don’t forget to check out new episodes of SILVER KINGS and the FOX SPORTS SOUTHWEST fishing edition on YouTube. If you are even more determined, be sure to hit the TexasFlyCaster YouTube Channel. I am starting to accumulate more fly tying videos under that category – other people’s videos that pass muster. Check it out AND Subscribe.

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