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| August 27, 2018

Carp on Skiff and North Texas Fair Denton

Music photography Shannon Drawe Photography

Good Monday Morning to you! Saturday made for an interesting day, as I sat down the fly rod and picked up the long lens to do some photography for the 90th. North Texas State Fair here in Denton, Texas. If you are in North Texas, and have never made the fair – it’s insanely expensive to get in, but there can be some great musicians that are a part of the gate fee, and if you have kids, it’s well worth the cost for their entertainment. You can go back to leaving your doors unlocked now … the carnival is probably in their convoy to the next stop. It has been years since I have been to the Fair, and the midway is certainly more clean and professionally run than I remember from the past – the carnies have been upgraded.

Lake Ray Roberts Carp on Fly

The fun actually began Friday with another Houston fly fisher on deck looking to score his first Ray Roberts carp – before we shriveled under the microwave-like heat that day. It did take awhile, but we finally stuck one – JUST AS we were about to call it a day. Will miracles never cease!

I am involved (barely) with a new writing project that some readers here and especially the Round Rock, Texas, readers will find interesting. If you are a fan of wild west US History, this one – Outlaw Sam Bass Kiss My Ass – is for you. No, I had nothing to do with the title, but it comes from an actual historical quote Sam Bass actually uttered when he was right under the nose of his pursuers. If you know anything about Sam Bass, you don’t know anything about Sam Bass.

Thanks again for tuning in today – and this week! I am tweaking the YouTube videos in the right column – so check out one very popular video, and I will add more as they seem relevant to our pursuits.



– Other reading on the most successful outlaw the west ever knew –

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