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| September 11, 2017

Remembering 911 War Hurricane Harvey Irma Call to Action

Welcome to wherever you are today, this great day called Monday! It’s great because my weekend begins in ernest, with a day of rest from everything that comprises my life as I now know it. You, on the other hand, are just getting wound up, caffeinated, motivated and shoveling the trenches for another week of loving war with work. Count yourself more lucky than I – in that respect. I applaud all of you who have dedicated your time, education, intellect and lives to building your careers on solid ground, and not shifting sand.


As the bells chime on the church behind me, I am again reminded this morning of where I was and what I was doing on September 11, 2001. If you replay it like I do (and we should), then you can’t help but still feel melancholy.

What happens when the last WWII veteran dies, do we forget the war? I always thought, as a historian, that living representatives of those events are the ties that bind us to remembering with clarity. Now, our warriors are still engaged in the war, with what I might add is the best set of marching orders yet (best thing the current president has done); moving the decision making from DC fat cats to the battle lines. We have to think of them, the quick and the dead, as well.



Yeah, I know you thought it, so did I. The Florida Keys does look pretty messed up this morning, and a lot of Florida is without power. And you say to your self, “Fifteen inches of rain? Big deal! Harvey gave us 55-inches!” Remember: You say to yourself, not so anyone can hear, right? How can we help but compare the gleeful news coverage from one location versus the coverage from our location? Most of the east coast elites and media elites, vacation, retire, or have family in Florida, so do you think they’d rather cover Florida, or the Texas lowlands? The answers to the mainstream media’s biases are right there for you to see.

I am completely against the abuse of anyone, including females, but I think Harvey gives Irma a big black eye. Remember, I didn’t say it, I am just thinking it.


I still have not heard a single word from any fishing, or fly fishing organization carrying the banner, gathering our forces, and heading to the coast to do some grunt work. I have heard nothing from fly shops about raising donations, or donating to the recovery (now recoveries). Feel free to inform me! Unfortunately, my time off is bookended solidly nowadays, by weekends of work. My departures for destinations come late Sunday or early Monday, with a mandatory return of Thursday or very early Friday – AS A RULE. I am glad to publish anything from any individual or organization taking up the cause of the Texas Gulf Coast Harvey Recovery efforts. I now CALL UPON all of the Texas fly fishing and fishing organizations to create opportunities for us to contribute to the recovery as well. I am tempted to call out individual businesses and clubs, but I think you know who you are, and I would probably forget to include somebody … leading to a good old fashion brouhaha.

I will be writing a bit more here in coming weeks, as seasons change in earnest, and as this plot thickens. I also have to brush-up on my writing skills, and I have been asked to write for another magazine and feel a bit rusty. Thanks for reading once again. Keep your powder dry, and keep me posted on anything and everything mentioned here. If you lead, I will follow!

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