Monday Morning Sidewalk

| April 18, 2016

Good morning, and welcome to wherever you arrived this fine Monday morning! I call it fine because it’s just fine if it rains a bit around these parts of North Texas today. Perhaps this spring’s rains will help curb the USACE’s appetite for dry, dusty ground over great habitat on my local lake Ray Roberts. One would think a more cautious approach (slower releases) would be taken until the Core knew that we were going to have normal rainfall into the Ray Roberts’ drainages – for CERTAIN. I guess they know more than the taking weather-heads though.

So this week will be splotched with rain, and that rain is concentrated up and down the core of Texas – down Austin way, and training all the way up into the midwest USA. If you are a little east, or a little west of the train, then you could miss out on the rain completely. So that obviously tints the perspective on fly fishing across the State this week. But when the train moves east, like it did overnight? Houston gets shut down, and we have sun peaking out as I write.

There’ll be plenty of fresh water heading for the coast, and arriving later this week. The Texas Hill Country could be inundated, and I saw the Paluxy River in Glen Rose up close and personal on Sunday – a raging torrent of rising water. Check out the video on  the Texas Fly Caster Instagram page.

I just received a text that they have opened up the Possum Kingdom Lake Dam even more, and it is currently showing a 20-thousand CFS flow. That IS biblical. We’ll be going there as soon as they close it back down, and sampling the striper menu with you.

I was actually in the beautiful surroundings of Glen Rose and the Paluxy all weekend, as a participant in the Reel Recovery event there. And what an event it was, and what an organization it is. If you are unfamiliar with Reel Recovery, it’s fly fishing retreat for male cancer survivors, cancer beaters and men living with cancer. It’s for all ages (unfortunately – the young get cancer too), and had a wonderful mix of fly fishing and (I guess you’d call it) group counseling and discussions. In reality, the event is loosely about fly fishing, and more about dealing with healing. For me, it was an interesting discovery when  I figured out talking (out loud / vocalizing) is a lot different from writing about cancer, or thinking about it and never talking about those thoughts. There’ll be more on Reel Recovery later this week, or when time allows.

Toward the end of this week, it’s off again to Seguin, Texas, and a good family visit. After that, weather willing, the season kicks in in earnest. Yes, the Guadalupe runs through the back 40, but it’ll probably be running over by the time I get there! 

If you find yourself in a flooding situation, turn around and don’t drown. And please don’t take any chances with a 9-foot lightning rod in your hand either! Watch the weather radars if you do go out because these clearing hours may only last a few hours before more storms, fueled by warmer afternoon temperatures, can turn violent quickly. I like the Hi-Def Radar app, and they go out of their way to tell users they DO NOT do predictive imaging, which I think is very good policy.


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