Monday Morning On The Road Again I Can’t Wait To Get

| August 8, 2016


What’s that sticking to the bottom of your shoe? It’s either hot tar off the State’s fine roads, or another edition of the Monday Morning Sidewalk. Heat is our dominant feature, and the thread that holds us all together when we really have nothing else to talk about to our family and neighbors. Weather really is the ultimate backup conversation isn’t it? It’s something I used to laugh at old folks for doing, but now I guess I’m an old folk, or at least I talk like one.

No matter what, two straight days of fly fishing on Lewisville Lake, then Ray Roberts, have fried my circuits just in time for a trip this morning to Austin for a magazine photo shoot. Lewisville and Ray Roberts are certainly looking good to the eye these days, but we know looks aren’t everything. I tried to buck-up and hit Lewisville both Saturday and Sunday, but just had to get back to Ray Roberts to chase some sand bass … and get away from one of the deadliest lakes in Texas.

And what happened? Well, there’s a long way to go to figure out Lewisville, and neither lake is performing as it should right now. I found a seriously shallow – poling the skiff was the only option – near the golf course, and it was holding buffalo in the twenty-pound-class, but they were highly sensitive and (as is usual) I didn’t stand a chance. Old folks would say it’s the heat. Take away the fishing and adventure on Lewisville, and all I have is a bitter taste in my mouth – over the cost of parking and launching at the hideously run down and expensive Arrowhead Park on the edge of I-35E and the lake (northeast side). Going back to Ray Roberts on Sunday revived a bit of my faith in humanity.

It didn’t hurt to run into friend Captain Mac Sunday either. He was onto a cove full of sand bass, and I was searching, wanting to bring home a few for the family, but the dinks ruled the morning at about 30-1 ratio. Lots and lots of dinks.

By the time you step into the stall with your smartphone to read this, I’ll be somewhere along the road to Austin. So have a great week and be careful along these awful Texas highways. More stories on Port Aransas are coming soon, as are stories on Conroe bowfin (has to be published first), book reviews and whatever else comes my way.

PS – If you want to catch sand bass by the dozens, as in every cast, on fly – I am doing evening sundowners on Ray Roberts right now! I’ve never seen so many sand bass on that lake. I’ve just heard the old folks talk about it years ago.

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