Monday Morning Meltdown

| January 13, 2020

Bay St. Louis Fly Fishing Video

For those of you (and me) here in North Central Texas, the snow has mostly melted except for those shadiest of spots. The dogs having their firsts and lasts romps in the snow are now memorialized on our fancy phones for which we are so thankful – thankful because we can just whip them out and record moments like no other time in the history of the world. Phones do have their places, no hear me out, phones have their places …

Starting this year, I am definitely more most responsive to text messages – more than e mail and voice phone. Those two forms have taken such a beating from spam and malicious callers that for now, they are no longer dependable viable means of communication. I mean, how many times do you have to NOT answer your phone every day? And out of all the e mails you get, how many are actually personally to/for you?


Two or three years ago, I began a quick response list of people who wanted to be included on the HOT SPOT notifications – by text. Now that text has pretty much taken over, I want to encourage YOU to also subscribe to the text notices — especially now that spring is just another blizzard away! That text number is 940-380-0408. You will be removed on request. Include whether you want to be notified of SALE items like flies and other items (look for me to fire up this year!).


Lucky me was in H-Town this past weekend, and missed all your snow days here in North Texas. I was snug as a bug watching the Houston Rockets get off to a shaky start against the Timberwolves Saturday, and I must say I am completely impressed with the entire “show” that is Houston Rockets Basketball! Not that first quarter, but everything else was just smashing. Add to that I just found out my nephew (the youngest one) ate all his peanuts with shell on? (Not my fault by the way) The enjoyment takes on a layering much like, but sweeter than, one of my sister’s cakes.


There’s a four-day-weekend coming! What are you up to this MLK weekend? There’s going to be a day that has to be dedicated to Oklahoma fly fishing – rain or shine, so be sure and get your licenses, and saddle up. Text me for more information on where / when in OK. The only thing that could interrupt that high? Another follow-up interview in Houston … for which I would drop everything, even my fresh Yuengling, and be on the next retread out of here! What are you up to? YEAH – text me.

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  1. shannon says:

    Is anybody using Instagram’s IGTV?

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