Flashback Friday

| January 17, 2020

From Four Eyes To Dolamite

I feel the breeze of freedom blowing down the street. Do you feel it? Sometimes motivation comes from the strangest places. I remember the first time I put my prescription glasses on in the local Sams Club, and the fact I could see perfectly for the first time in a long time, regardless of the fact it was a Sams Club, literally brought me to tears. For a person who relies on his own “vision thing” for everything, yes it was a moment.

That was six years ago, and since then my vision has taken a HUGE back seat to those other things that bent and broke other parts. So, with the reality of the clock ticking down on work and INSURANCE, I went back for a second helping of opthomologist yesterday.

Once you have been in those sterile rooms for the serious shit, going to the eye doctor as an option still tweaks the blood pressure, especially when they do it AFTER you’ve been waiting, and once you are ramping up to the “chair” and the medical “environment.” I didn’t even bother to ask what my BP numbers were …

But the vision thing was well within my expectations of degrading (aging), but nice and slow. Sure, there’s mention of glaucoma, but we Colorado-loving people know the cure for that.


So with my week winding up, and the end of work certain, I kicked back to watch the movie “Dolamite is my Name” on Netflix. To say I was surprised is an understatement. A serious message, and painful laughter all rolled into one? The message? Keep trying, dance with the one that brung you, and keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.



I was looking for a name, and a reason to go back through fourteen years of documentation I have stored here, and then somewhere I heard, “Flashback Friday!” While the “Monday Morning Sidewalk” has become the staple of restroom stalls throughout Texas at that … time … of the morning … I still seek another day (or two) where I can bring you back for a second helping of fly fishing in Texas.

So today my fourteen-year labor pains birth the easy Friday Phone-in government-job-style FLASHBACK FRIDAY. This day will bring you some story or video from the past that was either popular, or something that I liked for some reason. It could be location, the visual high, the popularity over time, or because it was SO FAR ahead of its time (toot toot that horn!).

Please sit back and enjoy this republication of fly tying – “The Coyote Carp Fly.”

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