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| January 11, 2016

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Coffee please. I admit the new health kick has a dent in the armor – coffee. Just waking up to the news that Bowie died overnight – from cancer. Wow, now that has to be one of the best kept rock-and-roll secrets of all time. “Black Star” was released on the 8th. – his 69th. birthday.

ATTENTION ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS – Be sure to let me know your subscription is working! A lot of them expire around this time of year, and I try to reset them all not to AUTO renew.

Speaking of subscriptions, I found an amazing subscription number for a YouTube account that goes by the name “LakeForkGuy” over the weekend. Guy is pushing 80-thousand subscribers, so I just had to let him know how amazing that was, and sent an e mail to the YouTube celebrity. Seems like he could benefit from a little crossover into the carp world, don’t we think? Actually, I think anyone would benefit from the words “Lake Fork” in their names – having a top five US bass lake as your office can’t hurt. A lot of the bass folk are going to be surprised when Lake Ray Roberts ascends the rankings of Texas bass lakes in a couple of years. The wise folks at TPWD will probably increase their stocking of Fork (from triple the stocking of Ray Roberts) another notch or two, just to keep the legendary lake … well, legendary. Folks, do me a favor, and if you haven’t already subscribed to the Texas Fly Caster YouTube channel, please take a moment and head to – THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL – and subscribe. And don’t forget I’m moving a step beyond the YouTube channel, and have set up a Periscope account so you can watch live broadcasting of fly fishing adventures there as well. If I can get my voice back, there’ll be some of both – YouTube and Periscope – next week.

Here are the Lake Fork Fly Fishing Records kept by TPWD.

Today, we’re waiting for it to warm up around here! I’m also weathering the normal January photography business blues, which are an annual event where … absolutely nothing happens. That’s the way of the self-employed. Don’t forget about the side project – PoPs Fly Shop – if you’re looking for unique items, like the rod sock I am about to sew and ship to Durango, Colorado, a sock for a 10-foot fly rod. The warmup is on the way though, and that’ll give me an opportunity to finish the rigging on the skiff, as we depart for South Texas this Friday.

I’ll have an article out about “premeditation” in fly fishing (later this week) just in time for departure to South Texas saltwater fly fishing on the Lower Laguna Madre. It’s a bit of a crossover “to-and-fro” between photography and fly fishing actually, and the article could benefit both of those disciplines (assuming  you are interested in both).


If you are ready to take advantage of the midweek warmup, [ppw id=”121578189″ description=”Ray Roberts HotSpot” price=”.10″]

and can’t figure out what to do try this:

  • GET UP AND GO to the release area of Lake Ray Roberts Dam.
  • TRY a five weight rod for the challenge / floating line / full length fluorocarbon leader in the 4-6 pound range.
  • TIME – Early morning and late day.
  • WHERE – Base of dam structures (concrete) and right up against them. OR across on the west side riprap (legal area).
  • WHAT – Crystal white woolly bugger OR white/white Clouser (variable weights). Circle hooks rock!
  • EXPERIMENT – Try a indicator 4-feet above a crystal woolly around that structure and see if it works!
  • You’ll be catching crappie near the structure RIGHT UP AGAINST IT, and if you take on the riprap on the west side – throw across the current (at 90-degrees), let out more line and let it swing just enough to clear the submerged shoreline AND hold on for trophy size sand bass in the two-pound range. They come along in waves, and you won’t be attacked as happens with large schools. It will be a few bruisers that will chase in the current, or ambush from the submerged shoreline. HINT – There are no fly rod records on the TPWD site for the Trinity River – for crappie or sand bass at this time!


  • Exercise caution!
  • Fish it only if the fence on the west side of the riprap is submerged (flow is ON)
  • Don’t bother with the lower park


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