MONDAY Morning in the Fly Fishing Art World

| February 24, 2020

Sometimes, just as in fly fishing, you know you just know; you’re in the right place at the right time. Most of us in Central North Texas, who live and fly fish here exclusively most of the year, know this isn’t the right place and it isn’t the right time. You can put the whipped cream and cherry on it, but it’s still a sour time.

But, as I have said so many times, “Spring springs eternal,” and in this case a new hope springs as well. 

A deep time investment for me and my S.O. in the only independent art gallery in Downtown Denton, Texas, has kept our noses to the grindstone lately, and has sprung the expensive printers and photo editing into full speed production. The gallery A Creative Art Studio & Gallery (CAS) will reopen LEAP DAY this Saturday, February 29, and is the culmination of two weeks of resuscitation at 227 West Oak Street in Downtown, Denton, where a significant group of like-minded artists have come together to invest their toil and treasure in the venture.

Never one to leave out fly fishing, my thoughts are fly tying is art, right? Just before all this transpired, I had been spending considerable time on just that line of thought, and maybe this venture is the perfect way to bring fly fishers into the deep end of art as well … or drag you guys if that’s what it might take! 

If nothing else, maybe I can host some of my favorite fish artists, and maybe I can expose some art lovers to fly tying – AN ART – along the way. I know for sure, the view from the Gallery is awesome compared to those fifteen months I spent working in a basement under City Hall with no windows, seven-and-a-half foot ceilings and temperature controlled 66-degrees and 30-percent humidity … all day long. Certainly, the earth looks so much better under my feet than at eye level. 

Crane flies are doing their silent skitter now, around the sconces, earlier than last year, which was earlier than the last. Go ahead and tell yourself the globe isn’t warming if it makes you feel better, less in control. Numbers, which I am now familiar with, tell the truth with science detached. The seasons we love get longer and longer, distracting us from disaster.



Armed with this new book by Aaron Reed, I am going to slip off the radar this spring, and put some of this information to the test. Not only will it take me out of Denton, it will also provide a catalyst for the new fuel inside – fuel I need to burn. It’s a lot easier to drive 11-miles to get a carp fix, than it is to drive hundreds for a sunfish-sand bass fix, but the journeys are our destinations once again in this “phase.” Feel free to come along!

Have a great week. Check out the new CAS Gallery progress on my photography Instagram account, or just shoot me a text for the latest photographic reply. AND remember to add yourself to my “Hot Spot Text Listing 2020” for the latest – on the water – information about where fish are and what they are doing.

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