Monday Morning Blitz

| October 19, 2020

Welcome one and all to your Monday Morning roundup! If you only visit on a Monday morning, you’ve been missing some heavy video blitzing coming at you from yours truly.

And when it comes to videos, and the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel, if you do subscribe to the channel today, you will be notified – along with 1500 other subscribers – when a new video drops. Trust me, no really, trust me; new videos are dropping like flies … on a smooth, glassy pond – for the foreseeable future.

If you subscribe to the Texas Fly Caster website, I typically post new videos in a “New Post” here when it drops on YouTube. So either place will get you an update – IF YOU SUBSCRIBE NOW!

POLITICAL LEAKAGE – Strap on the Depends

Tuesday, tomorrow’s Tuesday, is the marker for the two week countdown to a smooth election which I predict will be completely without drama or all-night suspense. Obviously, the new (seasonal) masthead on the site encourages you to VOTE, which is something this household has already done. Early voting is not “mail-in” voting, or “absentee” voting. The vote will be counted the night of the election day.

While I have rather obvious opinions on which presidential candidate, and which party has had and will have a GREATER POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE FLY FISHING WORLD, I try to remind readers that just like you, I have an opinion and a platform to express it from – this website – but I try not to pound you over the head with it! You are welcome to express your own opinions as well. Since the founding of this site in 2007, I have always welcomed outside articles on the topics I profess to cover, namely: fly fishing, culture of fly fishing – meaning – music, literature, journeys and destinations.


Notice the list does not expressly contain the topic “politics?” That is because “culture” in its many forms includes politics. So … if you notice a new poster on the site – the top left column – it is a “hot” image, meaning it links to an outside website that has very outgoing political opinions. While I try to balance more toward KEEPING my few readers, than RUNNING them off; if you do click through, you will find writing by much braver souls than my Texas bonded and bound website could ever chance.

So we are winding down the most adversarial four years in my lifetime for JUST two more weeks. What surprises are in store? And what does it matter anyway? Maybe I will try and find a fly fishing surprise or two – for you – this October. It’s just a question of filtering out what really does not matter, isn’t it?

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