Monday Morning Bleeds Into Night

| June 24, 2013

Good Monday morningevening to you all. It has been a few days away, as I was fortunate to get down to Port O’Connor, Texas, to get a taste of some redfish action along the coastal flats there. Without going into to much detail now, I can just say that it was the best redfish fly fishing I have ever done. It’s hard to imagine the fact that things were “off” in any way, but that’s what our guide Scott Sommerlatte (pronounced “summer lot”) said about the action last Wednesday.

Behind the scenes, today started with a database update, and that is always intense. It’s an operation that can destroy as easily as it maintains – if things go awry. If you are reading this, then things are all okay.

Summer arrived last week, and it was quite pleasant in Port O’Connor while things here switched to boil. Funny thing – I moved away from South Texas to get away from this kind of heat (among other reasons), and now it’s often hotter here than it is there. The irony.

South winds are prevailing now, and that reaches from the Texas Gulf Coast, from the border – all the way here. And that does play into all your plans for fly fishing open areas of course. I am often asked how I decide where to look for carp, or fish for carp. The wind has a lot to do with that – especially now that it’s ON too.

There’s going to be a new post or two on fly fishing cameras, as it has been awhile and things have obviously changed in that “short” time. I am starting with the specific camera demands my friend RD has for his upcoming trip to the Galapagos Islands in July. That camera search is already underway, and it’s going to be a solution for him that could work for you as well. Let’s just say things have really changed.

I just about have all the salt washed out of my clothes, and gear. It really is a testament to the companies that make all these things when everything works as advertised. Simms, Lamson Waterworks, SA fly lines … all showed themselves spectacularly in the salt. That said, saltwater fly fishing is a brutal endeavor. More on that too.

MEANWHILE – I continue to write from my phone so stick with me as I look for someone who can fix my problemo.

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  1. Leslie says:

    the site looks great, can’t wait to see the redfish video!!

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