Holy Moly! Back From Greece

| June 26, 2013

I am at least partially back into control of the site thanks to some help from a “fixer” in Greece. It’s a heck of a world we live in isn’t it? Help actually reaches from there to here. Amazing.

This post comes your way via iPad APP, so you can imagine typing by touch. I will assemble everything from the trip to Port O’Connor, TX, and that includes individual fly rod reviews of the new TFO Mangrove, the Rise Level and the First review will be the Winston B3sx. All of these are eight weights, and the first and second were actually tested by me on Port O. redfish.

Hang in there with me and remember that this is a perfect time to get familiar with Instagram and/or twitter — as that is where I have continued to communicate while the site is hobbled. In all likelihood the kind if house cleaning going on behind the scenes right mow will make your experience much better and faster than in past years. It was way past due. It’s going to cost some google rank, but who cares? Five thousand visits in May, and take a hit in June. The Lord giveth, and he certainly taketh away.

We’ve blown past “Water Wednesday,” so I will push that back to next week. And speaking of next week, I just got a call from the increasingly famous Matt Jones, and will be assisting him on a photo shoot for Mountain Dew for three days in Alabama (leaving Saturday). Exciting stuff!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned – we’re about to get rid of the static and back in stride.

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  1. shannon says:

    The engine is running, and the keys are in it, but I’m still not! Getting there though.

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