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Better Late or Never?

Hey everybody! I was super busy this morning getting a new “Podcast” onto YouTube, and that in itself is something of an oxymoron isn’t it? I though podcasts were to be heard and not seen, but that didn’t work! So I had to work around it.

I also went to Ray Roberts to do some research, and all I can say is W O W! The water has come over the fishing pier at Isle Du Bois TPWD park, and fish are roaming around – visible to the naked eyes – and completely stunned acting. Carp, buffalo, largemouth bass and spots are roaming around the swim beach edges looking for guidance. I did hear the Dam horn blow while I was there, so the water is running at the release. Where it goes, I guarantee nobody knows! I am guessing the 380 TPWD Park Parking Lot is completely underwater now, and we all know why don’t we?

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