Monday A Day Like Any Other Day

| April 7, 2014

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Welcome to wherever you are this fine Monday Morning. I hope you don’t have as many weather stories as we here in Denton, Texas, do. Last week was one of those weeks here in North Texas.


Roofers and disaster centers have popped like weeds here in Denton, Texas. As little as a half-mile could have made the difference between red tape and a clean escape. We have the red tape. A rear windshield gone from one car, and a totaled out roof are the early scores for a game Mother Nature always wins.

All living things in our care lived, but I have heard some birds, including at least one flock of cedar wax wings, were wiped out. With the size of the hail we had, I bet the local cows are tenderized.

None of this hail and precipitation amounted to a hill of beans though. I won’t bother to quote the lake levels, and if you are easily depressed – don’t look them up. We are still firmly in tenth place All-Time for the driest start to a year since they began keeping records (here in North Texas).

Last week also brought bass action back onto the radar. I was doing a little divining with my fly rod in a park cove last week and did find male largemouth, in the 2 to 3 year-old range, in waiting for females. They are tightly ganged and eating. I have yet to see a single carp.

Gas prices and a stale, sagging economy are keeping me close to home, so it appears I won’t make the spawning times at the electricity cooling lakes I had put on the radar – this time around.

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We are forecast to continue the crazy train of a weather ride here in North Texas, all the way to the end of the week when things get warm again. Gas prices, and photography work continue to keep me close to home base. Private water “talks” are about to get underway, and there may be some unexpected surprises soon. Houston is on the radar for next weekend, and just in time. Grass carp, common carp and bass photographs continue to pop up in my text messages from Houston – almost daily now. If you fly fish the Houston area, your fly fishing is ON.

Buy One Trip Get One Trip FreeIf you haven’t heard about the BOGO, read about it here – BOGO. The promotional is going well, slightly better than expected, and my hopes are high for the final outcome. No matter what, we’re on an exciting ride aren’t we?

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  1. Viola Porter says:

    May 16, 2014 /Lake Ray Roberts. I like fishing down at the marina on the west side by were they work on boats . I use all kinds of bait, my best is small yellow Easter yes the yellow Easter peeps you buy for your kids.I wait a fews months after Easter is over and get them if I can find them. I jjust purchase some blue and violet ons today at Alco in Pilot Point. I have not try those yet. Peeps yellow chick works, because they float on top of the water,
    what make the fish bit them is, I pinch a few off and toss them in the water and watch the pan fish go after them. When the little pan fish is full the biger fish grabs them and take off, I give them lot of line, and count to 20 and start reeling in the ling loly and then give it a good yank. I got my woppers, mosly small or large mouth bass,,cappi, cannel cat,, some times they will also bite on big blackberrys, if they are ripe.and if you can make those stay on your hook., I wrap black sew thread around the berry the night before, and then take the hook into thread and berry, stays in place., My friend friend use to use cheese, but I could not make that stay on my hook, time it hit the water. My friend son and daughter use cold hot dog bits.

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