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| October 28, 2015

Body Mind Soul Fly FishingToday was the last day for my radiation treatments, and it’s the first full day of recovery starting tomorrow. The time did fly by as friends had mentioned, but going through it at the time and the continued sleepless nights are doing a lot to distort my sense of time. At least there’s something new NOT to look forward to starting tomorrow.

Just like no one could predict how bad this would get, no one seems to be willing to talk about recovery in anything but the most vague of time terms. They’re saying two more weeks, of lingering here on the bottom, before that basic swallow function returns and I don’t feel like I am still going to radiation treatments every day. I will certainly say less for that. Read more about that here – Caring Bridge Shannon Drawe.

I will have a tantalizing story, actually a run-up to a story on the Blue River in Oklamoma, as brought to us by Barry Schrader. And I can say with a good deal of confidence that will run in time for the weekend. I would like to accumulate a few more pieces from different places – so you can have a little meat on the bones for this weekend’s eatings. The weather man says fly fishing may not be doable around North Texas this weekend.

With the rains of last spring, we have gone back to square one in a lot of ways. First comes the exploration, then comes the fish finding for places that have looked the same for many, many years. We will have to have our trusty compasses ready for action, and our boots laced tight for the long rugged new terrain we’re going to have to negotiate at the Blue and especially the Beaver’s Bend Lower Mountain Fork Park at Broken Bow. I don’t think we will be able to “phone in” these stories from an armchair. I will get back to my self, and see what I can glean from the most well-known guide from that area Rob Woodruff, and what he’s been saying about all that.

These cats will have to be “skint” pretty quick because there are those generation lakes in East Texas that have been calling me for so many years – and I am finally ready to answer this winter!

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