Largemouth Bass on the Fly – It Can Still Happen

| August 29, 2011


August isn’t the first month that comes to mind when thinking largemouth bass, but it can still happen. Generally, my motivation for fishing these days is to keep cool by wading up to my importants, and standing and casting until the temperature drops below 95 – just about sunset temperature. Then, I squish back to the car, and if I’m lucky and driving the Subaru, start up and turn the a.c. on to freeze what’s left. (These days I am lucky, as the Land Cruiser waits for a new transfer case hiding somewhere in the USA)

Two nights ago, I happened on some shallow bass action in one of Ray Roberts many coves, and caught about a half dozen in the pound range, as well as a catfish and crappie. Is that a slam? How about a RAYROB Slam category?

Leslie and I trekked back to the cove this evening, with me promising her a significant temperature drop and swimming in solitude. I managed to get her to shoot this video before her sunset swim. I think I will have to hire her for the next outing. She must be good luck, because this bass matches the waterbody record for largemouth bass on the fly at Ray Roberts – exactly.

I caught a couple more year-old bass, dwarfed by this one, and through observing what was going on during the downtime, discovered plenty of baitfish as well as fingerling largemouth in this particular cove. The sand bass were passively working the points and even driving more bait into the cove, either in retreat or for greater protection. That, I think, is the key to what’s going on in this particular cove. Largemouth are cannibalistic as well, and I would imagine the fingerlings taste just fine to big bass like this five pounder.

How To Fish Ray Roberts for Big Largemouth Bass RIGHT NOW!

It’s challenging, but you should take the time to visit your local waters if you are part of this historic drought. Why? If nothing else the low water levels allow us a window into structure we fish near and almost never see. Take pictures of your drying ponds, coves and creeks – so that you have a visual record of the places fish will be holding. The drought is offering us a historic opportunity that some of us may not have even recognized!

If you actually want to catch nice largemouth bass, you will be thinking in terms of a seven weight to be able to pull fish out of the abundant vegetation, and to deal with weighty fish like the one in this video.
Two flies that scored all the fish for me, including crappie and catfish, are a black seaducer (responsible for the RAYROB SLAM) and poppers. The goal is to avoid the vegetation, and present to fish a few inches to a foot under the surface, and hiding in the vegetation. I tie my seaducers on jig hooks so they run hook up. That cuts out a lot of wasted casts ending with stripping in salad. There is still some harvesting of weeds going on though. The poppers are self explanatory, and strikes are unbelievably aggressive right now.

Let me know if you want more information on Ray Roberts, and as always, I can book half days to take you to some of these spots, fish, show you the vegetation, observe bait and practice proven methods for catching largemouth in north Texas on fly.

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