How To Make A Million Dollars off Zebra Mussels

| June 4, 2013

While the State of Texas and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department tread lightly (think “Don’t Tread on Me”) around the Zebra Mussel epidemic that started at Lake Texoma, Texas (and will eventually spread to the entire State), I have been thinking of a way to “capitalize” on this bad fortune that effects all us fly fishers.

Here’s the first thing I came up with – MANDATORY BOAT & TRAILER WASH STATIONS.

Here’s how it could work:

1) The State of Texas would fund mandatory wash stations at every boat ramp for lakes infected with the zebra mussel – actual mussels or DNA. Go ahead and tap into the “rainy day fund” again – this should qualify.
2) The State of Texas submits a description for bid: A system for cleaning boats and trailers that, a) is paid for initially by TPWD funds, b) continually funded by a pay slot for boat drivers to activate the wash, c) the boat ramps egresses are hardened to force exiting boats through the mandatory wash, d) the pay slot funds the maintenance and initial cost of the washers.

It would be difficult to contract an outside entity to maintain the zebra wash, as a poison could prove effective at any time, and the zebra mussel outbreak could be over. Then, the washes could revert to an optional status.

So is this already in the works? Why not? Is anyone (Texas Capital Cronies) out there interested in working this from both directions?

I, for one, am amazed that there are not already mandatory steps being taken in regard to the spread of zebra mussels throughout Texas waters. But then, these are the guys that let Texoma go unchecked for years – virtually guaranteeing the rapid spread of the zebra mussel.

I have a great story in the works on how one private Texas lake has taken matters into their own hands when it comes to zebra mussels. It just goes to show you how nimble small entities can be compared to government entities.

Automated Truck Wash
These types of washers can be seen at your local landfill. City of Denton’s wash stations are much better than this one.

Dozer wash automated
Another look at a wash station. The entire process would be a hands-off drive through. Visit your local landfill to see them in action.

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