| November 2, 2019

Every fall in North Texas is different. This one is sending quite a signal, more than one signal actually.


The good news is we have a flounder run shaping up on the Texas Gulf Coast. I haven’t seen one in years, but early action bodes well for a good old fashion Texas Gulf Coast Flounder Run. Here is a look back at what fun flounder are on fly – Texas Flounder Runs.


In related good news … This is when stocking the nearest location with clueless rainbow trout – also called “synthetic” fish – begins at the Blue River in South Central Oklahoma. I always see a lot of activity on the (now almost dead) discussion boards when it comes to the Blue River, but let me sum it up for you; things never REALLY change at the Blue River. The only changes I have seen in the last dozen years are:

  • Less stocking of the catch-and-release area some years
  • A mysterious and covered-up invasion of a freshwater otter
  • Big floods moving downed trees from one place to another
  • Shifting regulations, and an ambiguous set of regulations for guiding on the Blue River – apparently against current regs.



The bad news? There was no fall in 2019. The thermometer dove right past the fall and into early winter, tying or breaking date records this past week, and forcing a rapid migration of house plants – back into the house!

How cold is it? It’s sooooo cold that the shutdown of fish on local flats was nearly instantaneous, and the rapid change slammed that door. We were at freezing this morning, and it will bottom out in the upper 30’s tomorrow. Thursday (halloween), and Friday were back-to-back freezes, and tied the local record for fifth place in earliest back-to-backs on record (120 years of records). How about that?


I am looking to move more TFO fly rods! If you are interested in hearing what rods are available – for pennies on the dollar – feel free to text me. They’re all 3 and 4 weights, and a couple are short – SO PERFECT for the Blue River!

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