Monday Morning Sidewalk

| November 4, 2019

Good Monday Morning to you all! What’s that old saying? It’s always darkest before the dawn. We North Americans, the USA precisely, still makes that agrarian time shift, and I for one, enjoy the challenges and rewards of changing our clocks. Would you believe they stretched out the time change back in the 1970’s? Yes it was the “energy crisis” where Nixon decided to stretch out the time change to save energy – here’s the story –

Starting tomorrow, I will bring you a series of stories, and archived stories under the heading of Tuesday Travels. So if you love the idea of packing your rod tubes, hooking up the skiff or car camping — I have stories new and old that will warm your engine and fill your tank.

Looking forward – a new video on cleaning fly rods and fly lines will be done this week. For some it may never be needed, but for those of us with one-to-two hundred days a year on the water? Cleaning rods and lines just makes sense. It extends the life of the rod and line, as well as maintaining peak performance for those two critical pieces of gear. And … I am guilty of stretching out the intervals of rod and line cleaning, but after seeing what I saw (during cleaning my main rod), you can bet I will exercise a lot more seasonal care in the future. Be sure you check out that video, and subscribe to the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel if you watch there.

Meanwhile, the job search continues with growing futility, as the clock winds down on the part-time local government gig that, big f’n surprise, went away. Have you ever heard of such a thing – a small city government job going away? It just shows how tone deaf this City is on the visual spectrum (oxymoron), and it’s nothing new for Denton, Texas. Wring place. Wrong time. There’s only two ways this chapter can go actually – real good, or real bad. Or is it real-good-real-bad? We shall see …

fly fishing gear for sale
As the long drawdown of TFO Rods continues, I have a few left in the quiver.

Call me or e mail me for details on a couple of rods that are perfect for Oklahoma stocker trout on fly. I have some older Orvis BBS Bar Stock Aluminum reels going out too.

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