Hearing from Port O’Connor and Headed for Houston Bayous Saturday

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Heard the fish are tearing Clint Keating (CK) up in between the jetties at Port O’Connor, Texas. They’re fly fishing there for jack crevalle, but apparently having their you-know-what’s handed to them by an onslaught of king mackerel that are shredding flies, and leaders. There were three hooked jacks yesterday, but none landed. Apparently, it was a twenty minute fight before losing one of them. I wish I knew what was keeping them from landing fish?


Here in Houston, Texas, and just back from a photo shoot at Rice University. What a beautiful place full of big brains! Anyway, part two of the visit to Houston now begins to take some shape. I won’t be distracted …
So, other than the trip into the downtown Houston “bayous” – always in quotes because I don’t think concrete drainage ditches are technically “bayous” – on Saturday, I would love a few Houston readers to chime in on where I could go today and tomorrow. You can twitter message me @texasflycaster or text me at 940-380-0408. Send me to your fish Houston!

Oh yeah, I forgot, I met an astronaut today. I couldn’t bring myself to ask him about who built the moon.

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  1. Okay, Pin a medal on this guy – http://www.fishinginthewoodlands.com/
    I am just a little old to ALWAYS REMEMBER “Google is your friend” you know.

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