Hand it to the Fort Worth Fly Fishers! Doing it Different!

| December 4, 2014

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I must say it’s apparent that things are changing a bit at one fly fishing club in Texas. The Fort Worth Fly Fishers took my advice, and decided to feature a random, different, member every month, which isn’t exactly ground shaking unless you’ve seen the state of fly fishing clubs lately – especially those here in Texas. The logic of getting to know each member a little better without the static noise surrounding so many events, and putting a face to a name … just makes simple sense, especially in this era of “disconnect,” “lost sense of community,” and all the things the internet are blamed for creating.

Well, the great thing about rolling the dice is sometimes you get a winner. I didn’t think it would happen this soon, but make sure you get over and look at this month’s profile of one Chad Koppenhafer! This guy has some moxie for sure.

CHECK BACK TOMORROW, and I will have a new post on books being read, yeah, I look mostly at the pictures … on fly patterns, entomology and hatch matching for freshwater trout. It will be a sort of “reading list” I am gathering, and I will also throw in some past references as they reveal themselves in my ancient memory. Time to solidify our knowledge, and be ready for whatever comes our way in Beaver’s Bend and on the Blue River in Oklahoma.

I’m just about 90-percent, work is getting out of the way, and my taste buds are craving another Colonel EH Taylor  and a cigar all in time for this weekend. We may just have to hole up in the Fly Bar and do a broadcast from there this weekend (rumors of major rain). Or maybe I can catch a ride with someone somewhere and bend a little tiny rod? Who knows? Thanks to the regulars who keep coming back to see something new and finding nothing! Priorities, like the magnetic poles, do get switched. So get ready!

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