Time To Brush Up for the Sake of Brushing Up!

| December 5, 2014

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When you’re lucky enough to have someone knowledgable leading you through early learning about fly fishing, a lot of what may be left out are the nuances of technique that can make a difference in the longer life of a fly fisher. There are those days when only the right fly will work the right way, and nothing else.

Around North Texas, there aren’t many days like that. Places we fly fish for rainbow trout are inhabited by stockers. We have a lot of trout raised on fish food, and fish food looks a lot like a size 12 woolly bugger as it disintegrates in the water column, brown, black or green. So that fly works, nay kills fish day-in-day-out during the trout season we North Texans stick a cold toe to into about this time every year – be it in Oklahoma, or on the Guadalupe River here in Texas.

However, I for one am left worrying just what’s left behind, what lurks that does not bite on such a conventional offering? That can be a pretty insecure feeling. And with the advent of guiding in Oklahoma later this winter, the pressure to perform only intensifies the drive to know a whole lot more about bugs, their biology and flies that catch trout when Purina Fish Chow isn’t working. I’ve heard there can be days like those.


A trip to the local secret repository of fly fishing books lead to a few purchases recently, and after this post hits the site, I am headed right back to that repository – Recycled Books on the Square in Denton, Texas. CONTINUE READING? —  [ppw id=”86853652″ description=”books on ento” price=”.10″]

They have had an extraordinary collection of fly fishing books for some strange reason, for quite some time. On my last visit, I could plainly see their inventory has been impacted by either purchase or dwindling interest, and the number of hardcore books is roughly a third of what I saw at its all-time high.

The new books I do have in possession include:

  • “An Angler’s Guide to Aquatic Insects And Their Imitations,” byRich Hafele and Scott Roederer with illustrations by Richard Bunse.
  • “Flies, Ties & Techniques, A Practical Guide to Tying 50 Irresistible Flies,” by Charles Jardine.
  • “The World’s Best Trout Flies,” edited by John Roberts. This book has selections made by many famous fly fishers as their favorites.

Along with new books, I will be digging up old posts that contain detailed “Hatch Charts” for the places we will be fly fishing for trout this season, and also sending out links to people like Rob Woodruff, and fly shops that are currently a service to the Beaver’s Bend fly fishing community. You want to stay tuned, and subscribe, because we are headed into the time of year when value is definitely added!


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