Friday Texas Fly Fishing Report

| May 19, 2017

The weekend’s looking better than the week past for fly fishing.


Well, we won’t be putting out a video report this week, but if you survived last night’s wind storm, things are looking a lot better from here on – in North Texas. It was a bugger of a night around here, significant damage to trees, but no structures seem to have taken a hit. I have folks in town, and am preparing for this weekend’s guide trips at the same time. Juggling, juggling …

It’s still a good idea to watch the weather reports, and today does not seem to be free-and-clear just yet. I’ll be out on the water tomorrow midday and Sunday as well, so if you want to get a play-by-play be sure to keep your eyes on the twitter feed @texasflycaster. Feel free to call or text as well!

For the most part, this wind has had an effect on the Texas Gulf Coast as it either pushes water out of or into the bay systems, causing some extremes that would not be obvious just by reading the tide charts. So, know before you go! Spring weather instability does grip most of the state, and it will relent gradually but not fully in the next few days. The humidity and clouds here in North Texas are ominous at this writing.

I translate a lot of the information at TPWD’s weekly fishing reports into functional fly fishing information that shows up in the YouTube Texas Fly Caster Fly Fishing Reports, and you can do the same – creating your own translations – by visiting the TPWD Weekly Fishing Reports.

Thanks for reading, and look for some exciting new photographs, story announcements and a lot more in coming weeks here at Texas Fly Caster!


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