Friday Shout Out – The Dead Drift

| December 10, 2021

Those of you who have been along for the ride know; there’s a ton of experimenting that goes on here at the Texas Fly Caster website. Heck I even sent out a 360-degree video of the skiff to one unsuspecting friend yesterday.

Remember That One?

Unfortunately, my foray into the absolutely functional and stunning world of 360-degree video was … well, thanks to NIKON, it was very short lived! In fact they dumped the camera before I could even get my mojo working for the 360-degree world view. The APP Nikon created for the camera was junk, and it was the only way to control the EXCELLENT camera AND the output. NOTE TO NIKON: Stay Away From Software. Stick to Camera Building!

FOR THE RECORD – This is where that 360-degree skiff video lives in infamy – Nikon 360 Saltwater Skiff Video.

The Dead Drift Adrift

When you are all alone and want to just blurt meaningless fly fishing, useless to some, information out … and a microphone and recording studio is just sitting there across from the fly tying bench (among other things), it can be difficult NOT to slide on the headphones and set the Drift adrift. My goal with The Dead Drift is easy listening with a bone-jaw hard bite or two from time-to-time. There isn’t a gatekeeper for this venue. We know that can be great, and it can cause accidental collateral damage as well.

The thing is, The Dead Drift is the most “free form” thing I think I can pull off right now – but the YouTube Channel will challenge that position soon!


So far, building and tweaking the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel has been a fun and fantastic ride, a ride that started in 2008 – when YouTube had barely figured out how to CODEC the video to stream efficiently. And what was your internet connection speed in 2008? And what is it now? So we’ve come a long way together.

Now, YouTube is shutting the gates on accounts that are not being watched with vigor. And there is little predictability on who will be slammed next. At the same time, we discover that ads are running on our videos – without our consent OR generating income for the video’s creator! I get it. This is capitalism. And we’ve enjoyed the free ride for a long time now, but what’s that old saying, “Nothing good lasts forever?” But do we even have an idea of HOW LONG it will last (our YouTube Channels and the free ride)?

So I either have to start swimming parallel, or get swept away in the riptide that sweeps us all out into the dark abyss. I still like to swim …


Here’s where we’re going: I may be a day late, and a dollar short, but we are taking the fairly regular TEXAS FLY FISHING REPORTS live in 2022 – A LIVE BROADCAST. I am working to see what all live platforms I can hit at once, but at least my largest base the 2540 wonderful subscribers on the YouTube Channel will be first in line. By necessity, these videos will be longer and have more diverse content than the short-and-sweet REPORTS of years past. Here’s the kicker though: Once the live feed is recorded, if you missed it? it will be viewable in multi-formats. Full length, just the call in (where no one calls), the unique info and the REPORT — all nicely chopped and diced for consumption. SO I ASK YOU: When is the best time to go live? MY PREFERENCE is Saturday mornings – when you guys have no excuses not to watch! Hangovers be damned!

One thing we know is: The bleeding edge draws blood. I know my new crop of young fly fishers laugh at what is simple to them, but maybe they are the answer? I would be glad to have some participation from and by the younger, and especially WOMEN! Women fly fishers seem to want to be invisible for some reason. If a woman reading this can just tell me why? We aren’t trying to create idols here, although it can happen, we’re just trying to preach the fly.

My latest Dead Drift Podcast audio comes out tomorrow morning, so check back then.

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