Monday Recuperation and Preparation

| December 6, 2021

Good Monday Morning to all who choose to visit the original home of the Monday Morning Sidewalk. We are still recovering from a weekend art sale that left us pretty wiped out. But here we go again, with another art show next weekend at Dan’s Silver Leaf here in the exploding metropolis of Denton, Texas. 

The crowds at Armadillo Ale Works this past weekend reinforce the fact that Denton isn’t the sleepy little town of 55-thousand students it used to be! Sure, we’ve had more students in the past, but after 50-thousand, who’s counting? The reality of a more seasoned show like the Leslie’s is that the artists don’t really target students anyway.


I have an generous offer to an open camp at Bend Bow this coming weekend, and I just might sick-out of the next art show and go see what I don’t know FOR SURE about the Lower Mountain Fork fishery through Beaver’s Bend park. All I hear is bad reviews, so there’s only one way for me to confirm-or-deny, and that is by … seeing it for myself.


I had an independent report, yet to be verified, that the Blue River is once again receiving stocked trout (synthetic fish) from a supplier that has big, chunky trout in stock. What I saw last weekend left me as soft as the trout I caught. They were anemic feeling in hand, and you can bet that would be exactly how they taste as well – – I’ll never verify that one.


Be sure to check out the audio podcast that comes out occasionally – “The Dead Drift.” If you bother to listen, I can pretty much guarantee you there are things there you will never find in print or on the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel – AND FOR GOOD REASONS. “The Dead Drift” is not affiliated or syndicated to any other podcasting platform, and I doubt it will ever be connected to the “mainstream” channels – AND FOR GOOD REASONS!

Thanks for reading today, and for those friends who took time out to attend the Leslie’s Holiday Art Show; a special thanks goes out from me and the twenty-one other vendors who were set up at Armadillo Ale Works this past weekend! For me, it was one of THOSE shows: I sold virtually everything I brought, and walked out with only one piece of steel art remaining, a beach-y pelican scene that was just … in the wrong place. I’m keeping the pelican, and saving it for the right place.

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