Denton Art Show Saturday – Sunday

| December 3, 2021

Armadillo Ale Works to Host 20+ Artists This Weekend

Texas Fly Caster readers know there is always a lot going on behind the scenes. As the person who brings you these adventures wrapped in stories, by necessity, I have a lot of what they used to call, “irons in the fire.” This weekend is the highlight of my steel iron in the fire – so to speak.

My SO began with a few artist friends coming to our house and doing a holiday gift show in 2014. Some of you who know me probably didn’t know just how long this has been going on, and how significant it has become – as an outlet for fun and for bringing true artistic talent together in Denton over the last seven-minus-one years. We did lose last year to COVID, and our biggest event, bigger than this one – The Randy Brodnax Holiday Show in Deep Ellum – it bit the dust, worm dust … dead and gone.

BELOW — Garden Glyphs – Aurora Cabrera Art – Poster for Leslie’s Holiday Art Market


So that is part of the excitement of Leslie’s Holiday Art Market: We strive to be a very good show heading toward GREAT show much like, and in honor of the Brodnax we are all so sentimental about at this time of year. You will find a few of the same vendors from the Brodnax, and many more who never had the chance to be exposed to selling at the Brodnax Holiday Show. Even now, we would be quite happy if that show returned from the dead sometime in the future.

My work is all collaborative, with my SO designing and me doing the cutting and welding for what I have labeled “Garden Glyphs,” a stylized take on petroglyph art cut from sheets of steel, and to stand up and become part of people’s gardens. We have some garden snakes too, just for good measure. We never know what’s next. I do know that income from art, for me, is a true GodSend.

Currently (2021), and for an extremely limited time, my SO’s work is heavily focused on textiles, where she recycles wool into wearable art. She added some very interesting leather alterations (not kinky) to her mix, and that is what has the tattoo world edging closer to our world. Her one-of-a-kind leather jackets are currently underpriced for the amount of work required, but should make her enough to buy her own tattoo ink … a completely new and different story yet to come.

That’s just us! Imagine twenty more vendors who are passed through an approval process, and found to be significantly talented, unique and engaged with their people and their art. You will not find anything classified as, “Buy-Sell,” meaning Chinese imported bubble guns or beads at this show. And don’t forget – Armadillo Ale Works also has a well rated coffee bar to go with the taps, cans to go and seltzers.


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