Friday Evening. Do You Know Where Your Fish Are?

| October 3, 2014

It’s been a long week fellow fly fishers! Just back from another photo shoot in Houston, and another soire at Quintana Park, scratching a bunch of mosquito bites and checking for hail damage (again) around the house here in North Texas.


Sure the heat combined with the humidity while I was in the Bayou City, but it all got blown away from afternoon yesterday in North Texas to when the cool front woke me from a well-deserved sleep last night about 3-am. You can do the math, but that front went from North Texas through Houston in a matter of eight hours. All it did in Houston was blow and sprinkle a bit, and they don’t care. That place is already wet.

In North Texas, apparently people are still without electricity, there’s more hail damage and their treks home during rush hour are now legendary – the stuff of commuter nightmares.

My (second in three weeks) sojourn to the Freeport, Texas,  area snapped me back to reality on Wednesday – that story will be out tomorrow – and I was reminded of my common-sensical views on how to find fish; views I had obviously forgotten, or had been fogged over by the sights I saw at Quintana in the extremely recent past. There’s nothing like a chance encounter with a true local to clear things up completely.


Here’s another video from the folks who began their journey as GeoFish and now go by GeoBass. I thought it would whet your appetite as we head for whatever comes next! Certainly not your grandaddy’s bass.

Enjoy your weekend and tune in tomorrow for a final and very clear view of the fly fishing action at Freeport Quintana Park.

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