Fly Fishing Port O’Connor Texas – One Year Later

| July 23, 2014

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I apologize to the YouTubers out there for this video not getting into the lineup last year, but the reality is I laid in a soundtrack that made it violate the terms of uploading – because of that music. So, I went out and paid a local musician, a maestro, to produce something original for this video. Now, I have a lot to learn about looping loops, not fly loops thank God, and this is a short piece that gets spliced together to run long enough. I don’t think I can afford a huge piece of music composed straight up for a particular video. Don’t be surprised if you hear this one again! That’s what happens when coin changes hands in the Chicken Fried Nation – leftovers for everyone!

This video came out last year,and sounded and looked different. I hope Scott Sommerlatte approves of the cut, and his photos! He’s certainly one of the prominent guides on the Texas Gulf Coast, and it doesn’t hurt that his beat is Port O’Connor, Texas, either! You may remember the story that goes with the original video, but if you missed it, be sure and ask – and ye shall receive a link back, way back, to about this time in 2013.

If you are in need of original soundtracks, royalty free, for your videos or other purposes, here the guy you want – Rick at, and you can e mail him at [email protected]. Rick is extremely responsive, and quick to get your sounds done.

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