On Set – Day Two with Lefty Kreh

| February 21, 2013

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By the time everyone made it over to the sound stage, a get-it-done mentality was taking over. Everybody settled in to that row of chairs I mentioned the previous day, and the magicians of video and lighting took over. Those of us not involved in that magic were still dragging a bit from the previous day’s schedule. I hadn’t even done anything, and I was dragging a bit too!

Lefty already knew he wasn’t first up for his part of the video being made, so he settled on back into a chair brought out especially for him by the studio lighting expert. Lefty settled in, and took a snooze while Ed Jaworowski did his science and magic. These two days of shooting video – the most visually understandable casting video I’ve ever seen – are part of what will be put together with outdoors casting demonstrations to be shot later this year.

I decided to make myself useful and shot some video (making the 4th camera on set) with my DSLR, which the motion picture industry now deems worthy due to its trendy appearance.

During a break, I sat down to keep Lefty company and he told me one of the stories that lead to his dislike of his “celebrity status.” I won’t go too into specifics, but he was being transported to the hospital in an ambulance somewhere near Jackson Hole, and the lady in the ambulance was taking down his name, “Bernard Kreh.” “Is that any relation to Lefty Kreh,” she asked? He confirmed that’s who he was, and she threw down the clipboard she was writing on, and dialed up her husband. “Honey, you won’t believe who I have here … Lefty Kreh!” She hands Lefty the phone and says, “Here! Say hi to my husband!” Needless to say, that story sticks with him. In an ambulance, being transported, the paramedic makes a celeb call to her fly fishing husband …

After another day of casting magic lessons (for video, not for me), Lefty did an endorsement on green screen, and was out of the sound stage with his entourage. He may not want to be a celeb, but he sure rolls like one. And that’s really how it should be at 88, don’t you think?

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