Monday Morning Roundup – The Usual Suspects

| February 25, 2013

Okay, so I was surprised as you movie fans – at ARGO doing so well at the Oscars last night. It looked more like an anointing of Ben Affleck than a real honest to goodness competition. The rumors behind the Beverley Hills walls are that Affleck is being groomed as the next Reagan (Reagan was a D. before he was an R.). I can’t believe I mentioned those two in the same sentence. Forgive me. Somewhere lost in the moment is the fact that the movie was “based on” the true story, but the interviews I have heard from the real people say it was a low drama ending. Enough political current events! My three month cold-turkey national news blackout remains solidly in tact.

The weather is still swirling between winter and spring, with spring slowly pushing back a little further each time. Right now, we have a line of Gulf humidity doing battle with a cool front that has the panhandle looking icy blue on the radar, and rain bands swirling through North Texas. Optimism, premature as it is, abounds on the discussion boards, and there’s even a kayak fishing tournament on Lake Ray Roberts this weekend.

I am still looking for a 24-hour time slot to do the redesign of Texas Fly Caster, and since no one threw out an opinion on what to add or subtract from the site … I’ll take the leadership role, full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes! This week is looking rough for the marathon redesign session, and that fishing tournament is begging for my time.

I always wonder what kayak fishing tournament organizers are thinking when they schedule these things in the winter. This is North Texas, and it is still winter, right? One month later, and a tournament on Ray Roberts could actually be interesting, and viable in a kayak. And that’s why I want to at least see this one – to see all the big fish come in OR NOT. I will make sure to either link over to the tournament information, or run an outright post on it this week. If I were a betting man, I would bet on the weather to beat the tournament.

ONE THING IS CERTAIN, I took a gander at Ray Roberts Sunday, and it’s suffering from the drought every bit as bad as anytime in the recent past. It’s bad – bad, BAD.

I hope you arrived safely today to wherever you are, and with the most positive attitude about the week ahead, because we are now only a few car lengths away from coming out of the winter tunnel and into the spring light. If the creeks run, the redbuds are blooming now, and the fish are looking for the challenge. We’ll find them wherever they are, and make sure you find them too.

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