Brazos River Fly Fishing

| April 29, 2021


I managed to piece together a video from last week’s short hop along the Brazos River in the Pecan Plantation area between Whitney and Granbury. I have never been on the Brazos, much less in this area. Fly fishing on the Brazos River has gained huge popularity since the burst in outdoor activity brought on by the pandemic.

The Brazos is arguably the most famous Texas river, made so by the book “Goodbye to a River,” written by John Graves and published in 1960. The book is credited with thwarting several proposed additional dams, and for raising consciousness when it came to damming up rivers. The Brazos comes in several varieties based on one thing: Location, location location! It matters where you are on the Brazos in relation to the kind of fly fishing you get. This very tame stretch is accessed through a gated housing development, and allows me to get my “feet wet” so to speak, when it comes to actually getting some river time on my old kayak. Yes, I need a real kayak – CANOE – actually, for our future river adventures in the Great State of Texas. That will wait until someone throws me a DEAL on a Old Town 119 Sport canoe, and that looks like it may take awhile – unless you know someone!

The flow that day was about 67cfs, and we found out later that we needed much more to turn the action on – like 200cfs – but for me, it’s on to another stretch soon. IF YOU ARE DOING THE BRAZOS, please let me know! I need some ride-alongs (to use a newspaper vocabulary word). The fly that lone bass took was tied by none other than FlyGeekMatt Matt Bennett, and was a sunfish pattern.

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