Blue River Oklahoma Fishing Map

| July 26, 2008

blue river oklahoma fly fishing map

Here is the map for the Blue River in Oklahoma, USA. This came from a brochure about the Blue River and is apparently somewhat difficult to find. There is also good information in Barry Shrader’s site and Karl Hungus’ site, the latter of which may still contain this same map. I put Hungus together with Shrader last year, and he did some good on the Blue.

If you are interested in an interview with Shrader, please look back in my archives as there is a pretty good and insightful interview about the dynamics of the Blue River.

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  1. shannon says:

    OK. The heck with this heat! I am going to Colorado and leaving this Thursday. We fished the upper reaches of the Blue Sunday, and it amounted to intelligence gathering for the fall and winter when they stock this area. 1) A bicycle is the only way to ride 2) This place is as wonderful as any water park – easily hoppable rocks, boulders and falls 3) Watch for snakes when it’s hot 4) Don’t bother when it is as hot as it is now. 5) Re-read #4 and repeat after me …

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