Arroyo Colorado Zone 1

| April 20, 2023

Here is the first, and maybe the last, video on the upper Arroyo Colorado – from Rio Hondo to Harlingen Port. I have another video on the Zone 1 area, but it is even less productive than this one. And I know how much you guys dig good porn, fish porn that is.

I have to believe there are not many fish in this area right now. And I did take a long hard look at my electronics when I revisited Zone 2, and the water column was a desert of emptiness. Would they be there if it were warmer, or if there was more fresh water coming in, or if the seasonal time was right? That is impossible for ME to answer now that I am headed back north for the carp season in North Texas.

I have a long and detailed story on the Arroyo Colorado, with a bit of research that told me a lot that I did not know about this offshoot of the Rio Grande River … yes, you read that right. I was amazed the more I read about the Arroyo Colorado here in South Texas.

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