Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve – Part 2

| July 29, 2010


I am on the road, but if you are reading this, then I must have found a place to get online and publish what amounts to a “drive-by” video that includes footage from Medicine Park and on the water at three different lakes.
Finally – an internet connection! Monsoon days in Pagosa Springs mean fishing is over by about four in the afternoon, the take cover. Bigger water is running coffee with cream color due to the rains. Finding clarity down south may be impossible.

The fishing was fine, but according to everyone I talked to there really aren’t any big bass there. Now we all know that’s not true, but I had a hard time proving them wrong after a solid four hour session one day, and a six hour session on day two. The lakes I hit were all pretty close to each other, and each had different unique characteristics. The most healthy looking of the three I experienced is the Quanah Parker, and that just happens to be where the Doris Campground is located. I looked at Jed Johnson, and it seemed to be less than fishy. I moved on as the sun rose, to Lake Elmer Thomas, and fished the pier near the boat ramp. Let’s see Jed and Elmer … what’s in a name anyway?

After that, I regrouped and asked a ranger about where the smallmouth bass were, and he sent me to Rush Lake. The name Rush was enough to make me want to get a look. Rush is nestled into an elevated area between mountains and dammed at one end to hold some clear cool water. I managed to catch one largemouth right against the dam, but still no smallmouth. If anyone has any idea on where to find smallmouth in Colorado, call me collect!

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  1. Appreciate the fishing tips. Always on the cahse for the best fishing spots!

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