Water Wednesday – Get On It!

| July 31, 2013

Here’s an interesting story about western water in the Adventure Journal. You will probably want to bookmark that site.

And if you are the paddling type, here’s an update to Diablo Paddlesports lineup of kayaks that I just found out about. Roto-Mold lends itself to a more abusive atmosphere – like the kayak rental industry. That is just what we need around nearby Lake Ray Roberts – a place to rent kayaks.

One good way to get in touch with the water from which we come, and that which we seek to preserve – is to get on it! You can bet I will be on the water sometime today.


Good word is out that Lake Texoma has heated up with striper fishing, including massive numbers of dinks for the kids, and unverified reports of eight-pound-class stripers on topwater at Lake Texoma. Regardless, the water temperatures have made things there and all across North Texas lakes interesting. Nightly low ambient air temperatures are still dipping down to unseasonable lows, allowing the water to cool.

We are still “renegotiating” the habitat at Lake Ray Roberts, as carp action stays deeper than usual (where the food is), and a “new normal” settles across the lake (just like the rest of the USA). The flies that are working for carp on Lake Ray Roberts – the brightest ones in your boxes. Bright, bright bright. Rumors of big carp in boat access locations are surfacing just like those big gold backs, but have yet to be verified. You can certainly get your fix, or kids fix, on sand bass at Lake Ray Roberts with an evening bite off the points on the east side. And Ray Roberts sand bass are a healthy lot compared to those at Lewisville Lake. I wonder if this could be part of the reason why we see so many freakish fish at Lewisville – Lead Free Frisco?

I wish I could be everywhere at once, but know I can’t. If you have information regarding fly fishing in your area of Texas, feel free to chime in. After all, this is the top site in Texas that’s dedicated solely to information about fly fishing in Texas.

NOTE – Thanks to reader JH for sending in much of the linkage from the Adventure Journal and Diablo.

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  1. shannon says:

    Yup. I keep expecting him to whip out three, no two, stone tablets (Mel Brooks), and show us the way through the desert.

  2. JH says:

    I think Thomas Flemons new nickmname should be “Kayak Jesus!”

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