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| August 16, 2017

Texas Insider Fishing Report on YouTube

This show – Texas Insider Fishing Report – is one of the sources I go to regularly. One fly fisher I was talking to, and I mentioned this in one of my reports, said these shows always put the best spin on things. I can tell you, from yesterday’s day on Grapevine Lake, that his statement is absolutely true.

Forget Miss Florida you cads – she’s getting married, or just got married this week … Some episodes run way too long on offshore fishing, but these are Florida guys doing this show and a Florida show, and there’s more crossover (running the same segment) between offshore Florida and offshore Texas — saving them production time. They are in Florida and have better things to do than make a show!

With the cost of cable TV in our hometown eating away at our broken income (not fixed for sure), I am still searching for all the outlets – on YouTube, Vimeo, and through internet connection to those sources, network TV and other sports channels (Texas Ranger baseball live) – to toss the cable box out on the street and run over it with my car (and boat attached).

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